On The Subject of Ellipses …

An ellipsis is a group of three, and only three, periods, meant to denote a … pregnant pause in fiction, or the removal of unnecessary or unrelated passages “from … quotes” in journalism. And that’s it. They aren’t meant for your …….. ADD-ed out subject-jumping in Facebook posts or your ……………….. goddamned sense of text-related visual aesthetics. It doesn’t make you look like e … e … cummings, it makes you look like you had a stroke while trying to put a period at the end of a sentence that needed to be aborted rather than finished anyway. So, seriously, in the [probable] words of Joe Biden, “cut it … the fuck out.”

3 thoughts on “On The Subject of Ellipses …

  1. Scott

    You already hit the “like” button on my heart, Johnny. I don’t use the ‘book a lot, but feel free to share the link there as an everlasting (read: fleeting) symbol of your “like.”

  2. Matthew

    Hilarious. Scott, I feel like you’re a pretty straight shooter. I have to admit, I’ve used my share of ellipses in the past, but I’m a new man now. I’m changed.

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