Surfer Doctor: Season 2, Episode 1

Tonight on the Season 2 premiere of Surfer Doctor: Surfer Doctor’s coworkers return from their search and tell everyone at Bayside Memorial that they didn’t find any trace of Surfer Doctor but later after two of them have tension-driven sex in a basket of clean scrubs one says he wants to tell the truth and the other says they made a secret pact in Peru then a bunch of tourists from a booze cruise are brought in dying of some unknown poison and just as they’re about to expire Surfer Doctor bursts into the ward lean and sun bronzed with a molcajete of muddled beetle innards which he swabs around the nostrils of each victim as he explains that they’ve fallen prey to a rare Caribbean centipede that likes to stow away in crates of cut-rate mangos and his coworkers welcome him back and suggest they celebrate by surfing but Surfer Doctor just gazes wistfully in the general direction of the ocean and says he doesn’t do that anymore

7 thoughts on “Surfer Doctor: Season 2, Episode 1

  1. Amy Beeman

    NOOOOOOOOO. Surfer doctor must surf. He must. But it’s okay to take a break and gain perspective. Even for Surfer Doctor, right?! Way to build some suspense, Harrell!
    Also, you asked on FB about if people would pay for a newsletter or musings or what not. I couldn’t respond because as a writer whose only ever been paid a laughable sum for the time and thought put in to things I write, from any publication, across the board, I ironically, feel like I can’t pay for stuff to read because there is so much for free and I’m generally broke. Though I do subscribe to magazines. And buy books. So my thinking is all wrong- buy local, no? Because shrimpin’s tough, and so is getting paid for writing, so yes, Scott Harrell, I would pay for some of your best brain juice in word form. I’ve always been a huge fan of your writing. You’re a fave.

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