Surfer Doctor: Season 2, Episode 6

Tonight on Surfer Doctor: Morning finds Surfer Doctor sitting on his board and riding the swells yet despite the perfect tide and the ancient vine of rebirth braided into his ponytail he remains unsure of his karmic stability so he walks memory’s path back to his training in the jungle when the faceless ones spoke to him from the shadows and guided him to earn their knowledge and finds solace in the innocence of discovery until he’s jarred back to this plane by the sounds of another surfer being attacked by a shark so he catches a wave over and dives off his board and conjures an unpleasant biomagnetic vibration to harmlessly drive the shark away then packs the surfer’s wounds with chewed sea grasses and conch-slime and as he drags the surfer to the shore the surfer thanks him but it’s Surfer Doctor who feels the true joy and terrible burden of gratitude

2 thoughts on “Surfer Doctor: Season 2, Episode 6

  1. Amy Beeman

    Sunday morning, catching up on my stories. Favorite line- “The ancient vine of rebirth braided into his ponytail.” Ha!

    Surfer Doctor is really working through some stuff these days. So glad he’s back on the waves again, though.

    Also, are you aware of this: “Surfwise”. I came across it while surfing, tee hee- netflix. Haven’t watched it, but couldn’t help but think of your series.

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