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Year-End Dump: On The Subject of Music

I don’t know about music anymore. THERE’S TOO MUCH MUSIC. Too many bands, too many blogs, too many videos, TOO MANY STUPID TEENAGERS.

The Hot Water Music album was great. The Gaslight Anthem album was so-so. The Beach House record was … neat. Honestly, I listened to, like, nine new albums this year. And it doesn’t matter, because I doubt many releases could approach the slinky, sultry awesomeness of A Thing Called The Divine Fits. Britt from Spoon, Dan from Wolf Parade, Sam from New Bomb Turks. BOOM.

Also, Bob Mould and Redd Kross owned it. TA DOW and TA DING. Beyond that, find your own music. I don’t get it anymore. Skrillex is, like, Corey Feldman’s idiot Floridian half-son. It takes a certain special something to look dumber in glasses, that’s what we’re saying.