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lawbi #9: 3-D TV, or This Should Be Awesome For A Month

Training simulations. Architectural design. Medical tests. Mapping.

There are dozens if not hundreds of sensible, practical applications for efficient, realistic three-dimensional digital imaging technology. But slapping a pair of goofy glasses on your kid so he will shut up for a bit while becoming even more confused about reality isn’t one of them.

You understand that 3-D movies are a trend, right? At no point in the near — or even distant — future will all consumer entertainment be rendered in three dimensions. (If 1983’s immortal Jaws 3-D didn’t irrevocably turn the tide, nothing will.) No studio can afford to make all of its films in 3-D. No theater chain can afford to convert all of its screening rooms to 3-D. And no indie production company can start cranking out straight-to-Blu-Ray titles for a market of home viewers showing all the explosive growth of recreational space travel.

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