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On The Subject Of MCA’s Will

Late Beastie Boys member Adam “MCA” Yauch has a clause in his will stipulating that nothing he helped create can be used in advertising.

I have personally gone back and forth over the whole “is advertising evil/exploitative/art/the downfall of western civilization” thing endlessly without reaching any rigidly held stances, policies or philosophies. But I certainly believe that a person has the right to dictate how the creative works for which he or she is responsible, are used. So cheers to MCA for thinking ahead.

Plus, it is pretty funny to know that thousands of ad execs my age are completely bumming about having the kibosh put on their Beasties-soundtracked fantasy campaigns right now.

I Don’t Know Where The Line Is

I noticed today that they’re already running a cleaned-up version of the Axe “Cleans Your Balls” commercial. It got me wondering how the original ad got aired in the first place, how the notions of acceptability in the mainstream have shifted, etc., etc. But it also reminded me that I honestly don’t know where the line is with that sort of thing.

Let’s say somebody made a commercial for a feminine hygiene product called, oh, Dewy Meadow(tm). Continue reading