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And Now, A Terrifying AR-15 Modification GIF

Seriously, if you know what all this stuff is and you’re not in the military, THE MILITARY REFUSED TO TAKE YOU FOR A REASON.

Two quick thoughts to add to the national gun-control conversation:

1. No one not in the military (and this includes cops) should be able to own anything with the word “assault” in its name. That shit’s for assaulting. You shouldn’t be assaulting.


2. Gun control in America is a pipe dream. A War on Guns will be about as effective as the War on Drugs.

(via The Atlantic Wire)

On the Government Shutdown

It’s simple, really: This is a direct and inevitable result of Congress actively aiding the concentration of wealth in an upper echelon of the market that doesn’t redistribute, and BARELY PAYS ANY FUCKING TAXES.
Nice job, jackasses. Are you still so happy you were able to push all those favors through?

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