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The American Family Association Sure Does Think About Homosexuality A Lot

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is a decade-old tradition for more than 2500 schools, in which students are encouraged to sit with peers outside their usual circle of friends. The purpose of the program is to get the students to see each other as equals–it’s a lot harder to bully someone, or just treat them shabbily, when you know their name and have shared a meal or two with them.

Mix It up at Lunch Day is also, according to the American Family Association, a sneaky platform for pushing the homosexual agenda in our nation’s schools.

Because fear.

Why must some people always make another group of people (Communists, Muslims, the LGBT community, furries, etc.) the victims of their fear? Why can’t they just be afraid of shark attacks or flying or roaches crawling on ’em while they’re asleep like everybody else?