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This Just In: National Taco Day Is Also National Vodka Day. Happy National Vodka Day!


Obvs I would prefer that National Tequila Day coincide with National Taco Day, but you can’t have it all. (National Tequila Day is July 24.)

My wife likes Ketel One, as do I, but if I can have any clear liquor I want, it’s gotta be Tito’s Vodka, which is handmade and distilled six times in my folks’ adopted hometown of Austin. Truly the smoothest I’ve experienced. Of course, for mixing or icy chilled shots or general budget drinking, the triple-distilled Smirnoff in the red-labeled bottle also goes down surprisingly smoothly.

My favorite way to drink vodka is the aforementioned extremely chilled shot, but I’m also quite fond of a vodka & ginger.