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On the Subject of the Chaz Bono/Dancing with the Stars Controversy

Often, I think one of the biggest reasons why open-minded and progressive people don’t get more accomplished in the political and cultural environments is simply this: They can’t bring themselves to be as mean-spirited, selfish and judgmental as others.

I can. Fuck you, others. You’re pathetic, frightened morons so terrified of anything you don’t understand the only way you can acknowledge it is to assume that your god considers it an abomination. Um, that’s caveman shit. CAVEMAN SHIT. That’s how quasi-humans that lived among their own waste dealt with thunder.

Gay is the new thunder. I believe I have my album title. (Not that Chaz Bono is gay–“Gay is the new thunder” is just a neater phrase than “Transgendered is the new thunder,” you know?)

But yeah, those of you that believe someone like Chaz Bono is somehow fundamentally different from you, or some sort of aberration, haven’t come very far in the last 65,000 years. Get the fuck out of my way, idiots–I intend to evolve.