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Catching Up: LAWBI #65 – Creative Loafing’s 25th Anniversary

I have had the distinct and relatively rare pleasure of experiencing Creative Loafing/Weekly Planet from a wide variety of perspectives over the last two decades and change. As a casual reader. As a dedicated reader, a fan, a supporter of the community CL represents. As a member of the editorial inner circle. As a guy who used to work there. And, currently, as a freelance contributor — a member of the editorial outer circle with privileges, you might say.

Like a lot of young Bay area musicians, I first got in the habit of picking up the paper in order to see my band’s name in print. A decade later, when I picked it up in order to see my first byline in its pages, CL was a deeply entrenched element of my identity — for me, the alternative weekly wasn’t a holdover from the countercultural explosion of the late ‘60s; it was a very current guide to everything creative, disruptive, independently active people were doing.

It was weekly reinforcement that I need look no further than my adopted hometown for inspiration, for entertainment, for provocative political discourse. That fuck New York, look what the hell is going on right here, right now.

And it still is.

Read the rest at Creative Loafing 

Bass Pro Shops Fishing For Hillsborough County Dollars, Using Jobs As Bait


Heard on the radio this morning that Bass Pro Shops and Hillsborough County are nearing a deal to put one of the monolithic niche sports retailer’s complexes in Brandon. The $8.25 million deal currently on the table wouldn’t have Hillsborough paying BPS outright for “the privilege of its presence,” but would rather see the county paying a developer to build such welcoming infrastructure as roadwork, nearby office and retail space, and a hotel.

Which is basically six of one, half a dozen of the other.



1. There is some talk going around that Bass Pro Shops is a tourist destination. Yes, it is. For, like, 16 families in RVs on their way to wherever they’re really going to spend the majority of their meager dollars. It’s pretty obvious to me, a fisherman, that BPS is taking advantage of the County Commission’s ignorance of a specific cultural subgenre to inflate its status as a magnet for tourism.


2. When, oh when, will communities stop succumbing to the blackmail demands of business? Hillsborough County has what BPS wants–location, and customers. What does BPS really have that Hillsborough needs? Nothing, really, beyond the promise of a large handful of job opportunities–which will dwindle to low-wage retail gigs once the construction is done–and a completely unconfirmed amount of specious tourism value. We can get our Swimmy Crawfish Jigs(tm) and Lunker Lair Invaders(tm) at any one of hundreds of local tackle shops. Communities have much more power than they tend to realize in situations like this.

OFFER THEM NOTHING BUT THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO BUSINESS IN THE COMMUNITY. Let ’em pay for their own infrastructure–they actually have the money. They may balk, and open their next giant, garish fish tank surrounded by specialized Flippin’ Rods(tm) in Ocala or Boca Raton. But they’ll be back. They need millions of dollars more than Hillsborough County needs a few hundred–not thousands, that’s ridiculous–low-quality jobs, many of which are temporary at best.


Today in Craziness [LINKS]

So I just totally stole borrowed the way Gawker categorizes its posts. So what? Now I’m gonna steal borrow an image that sums up my feelings about today’s world-crazy. I’m crazy myself! I’m unstoppable:











  • So the Mexican drug lords just pretty much told the government that the country belongs to them now. Where the hell are the Team America World Police or whatever? PILES OF HEADLESS CORPSES. That’s about as far from fucking bueno as it gets. (via Reuters)
  • And here’s the talking points memo Sony sent out to cast members in the wake of Community creator/showrunner Dan Harmon’s, erm, departure. Read it, then shower. (via Splitsider)

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.