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Meet the brewers: Eric Richardson of R Bar/Cage Brewing

Photo by Meaghan Habuda for Creative Loafing.

Photo by Meaghan Habuda for Creative Loafing.

Eric Richardson fell into his job brewing beer for Treasure Island’s R Bar by being in the right place at the right time — and technically doing the wrong thing. While working as a cook at the eatery and bar, a broken burner ring at home facilitated the homebrewer bringing his batches into the restaurant’s kitchen while he was on the clock.

“Really, I was slacking off brewing when I was supposed to be working,” he says.

R Bar owner Robert Hughes became intrigued by what Richardson was doing. He asked for a taste, and in 2013 put three of Richardson’s beers on tap for his patrons. R Bar now features six in-house varieties from the brewer’s 20-gallon system (upgraded from 10 gallons), ranging from the ubiquitous IPA and pale ale to a red IPA, cream ale, porter and brown ale.

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