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Today in Craziness [LINKS]

So I just totally stole borrowed the way Gawker categorizes its posts. So what? Now I’m gonna steal borrow an image that sums up my feelings about today’s world-crazy. I’m crazy myself! I’m unstoppable:











  • So the Mexican drug lords just pretty much told the government that the country belongs to them now. Where the hell are the Team America World Police or whatever? PILES OF HEADLESS CORPSES. That’s about as far from fucking bueno as it gets. (via Reuters)
  • And here’s the talking points memo Sony sent out to cast members in the wake of Community creator/showrunner Dan Harmon’s, erm, departure. Read it, then shower. (via Splitsider)

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

lawbi #12: Let’s Go to Mexico, Said the Idiot to His Wife

“Pack your bags, baby, because I finally got half of that bonus I was promised, and you and I are going on an exotic-ass vacation.”

“‘Exotic-ass?’ This isn’t one of those weird things where you turn our apartment into a scene from Saw, is it?”

“Nope. You and I are headed for the combination of luxury and history that only Mexico can provide.”

Long pause.


“Hell yeah! Warm weather, old-ass ruins, horseback riding and the timeless mystique of Pacific waves. Cheap tequila!”

Long pause.


Long pause.

“Scott, you know that the entire country is a minefield of drive-by shootings and drug-war executions, right?”

Longer pause.


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