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My New Pedal Board

Most of my guitarist friends who use effects pedals use, like, 19 of ’em. I’ve been a straight-into-the-amp guy for most of my playing years, but I recently started experimenting with a few pedals again. I don’t currently use enough to warrant buying an expensive pedal board, and the inexpensive ones–mostly soft-sided or made of chintzy plastic–seem, um … beyond crap. But I hate having to pull everything out of a bag in a tangle and put it all together for jamming or the occasional show, just to have it scoot around underfoot before I tear everything down again.

Making my own seemed like the obvious solution. And when one of the guys from Deadly Fists of Kung Fu¬†(I can’t remember which)¬†jokingly (I think) suggested I use a skateboard deck, it seemed like just the thing.

Hell, it’s not like I’m gonna ever ride the damn thing again.