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lawbi #3: Psychotic People Are Just, You Know, More Interesting

What do the Gosselins, the Salahis, Sons of Anarchy, Balloon Boy and Deadliest Catch have in common?

They’re all blowing it for everyone who likes to watch psychotic fame-whores getting their buttons pushed on the telly.

A recent LA Times article revealed that, in the wake of incidents like the Jon & Kate Plus Hate meltdown and repeat VH-1 contestant Ryan Jenkins’ alleged murder of model/ex-wife Jasmine Fiore, reality TV producers are rethinking their modus operandi. Basically, some of the folks that make a living dreaming up new ways to manipulate obviously unhinged volunteers into public humiliations have begun to wonder: Are the background checks for people who want to go on Sure, I’ll Soil Myself Then Eat The Jeans, As Long As America Sees It thorough enough?

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