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Mississippi’s First Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Murdered

Marco McMillan had been both the CEO of a non-profit consulting group and a member of Ebony Magazine’s 30 up-and-coming African-Americans under 30. Now he’s dead, most likely the victim of a hate crime, because there was a chance he could’ve been the mayor of Clarksdale, and the first openly gay mayor in the history of the state of Mississippi.

Remember Adama’s speech from Battlestar Galactica about “what makes us think we deserve to survive as a species?” Yeah, that.

(via Gawker)

While We Were Gone, Florida Was … Pretty Much The Same

Becky and I were sick through the holidays, and got well just in time for her surprise birthday trip to New Orleans late last week. (Courtesy of the Greatest Husband in the History of Monogamous Romantic Love, naturally.) There’ll be more on that later.

While we were gone, I guess the greater Tampa Bay Area continued on exactly as it has and will, including the incident of a pellet gun-wielding sub-moron who mistakenly hate-crimed a non-Muslim outside a Walmart.

That the victim was armed with a real gun, and chose not to blow the sub-moronic attacker away, is a sainthood-qualifying miracle here in Florida.

(story via Gawker)