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Aaaaaand We’re Back


Hope you enjoyed your time of thanks, and are now all loaded up on thanks, and ready to return to the cesspool of selfishness and entitlement that is Life In The Modern Era.

I’m Scott Harrell. This is where I purge.

I write a biweekly (actually, that’s not the correct word, but it’s the one everyone uses, so … ) column for the Tampa Bay edition of enduring alt-weekly newspaper brand Creative Loafing called Life As We Blow It. I also contribute A&E coverage to CL.

I’m a contributor to Pinellas County arts website ARTICULATE.

I’ve published several bits of horror and darkly speculative fiction under the pseudonym Ravis Harnell, including the novella Ghostwriter.

Working on a Florida crime story.

I sometimes talk to groups of people who are still naive enough to believe they want a career in journalism, and tell them it’s ridiculous to want a career in journalism at this time. They generally then ask me why I write so much about drinking. If you would like this to happen in your classroom or meeting venue, you can contact me at thedirtytrickscampaign (at) gmail (dot) com.

My plate is pretty full of freelance / copywriting / media stuff right this second, but if you’re looking for someone to do some short-burst work–a bio for your band that isn’t the same ol’ boring profile, for instance–you can also contact me at the address above.

I’ll be catching the blog up on stuff for the rest of the week, so thanks for dropping by, I hope you visit often.