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LAWBI #Whatever: Ivory Wave

The new CL column is up online here. It’s about the speedy new designer drug being sold as “soothing bath salts” under the name Ivory Wave to get around various authoritarian regulatory organizations. Apparently, it makes people fucking crazy for up to three days at a pop.

What I really want to know is, how do the manufacturers/suppliers go about letting people know, “hey, these new bath salts? They’re actually crazy fun-time lines. Put some up your nose.” Are drug rings hiring guerrilla-marketing firms these days?

Also, seriously, stop snorting bath salts and plant fertilizer because you read online that it’ll get you high. Or at the very least stop being surprised when doing so results in hallucinations, the urge to slash your own face and body with sharp objects, or tearing off your own scrote.

I Don’t Know Where The Line Is

I noticed today that they’re already running a cleaned-up version of the Axe “Cleans Your Balls” commercial. It got me wondering how the original ad got aired in the first place, how the notions of acceptability in the mainstream have shifted, etc., etc. But it also reminded me that I honestly don’t know where the line is with that sort of thing.

Let’s say somebody made a commercial for a feminine hygiene product called, oh, Dewy Meadow(tm). Continue reading