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Announcement – New Giggage


This has been in the works for a bit now, but we’ve all finally gotten clearance for FULL PIMPAGE AHEAD.

I’m officially one of the bloggers for new Pinellas County A&E website ARTICULATE.

An offshoot of the county’s enviably active culture- and development-promoting organization Creative Pinellas, ARTICULATE seeks to share and celebrate Pinellas arts, from pop music, film and fashion to literature, the avant garde and whatever the hell else happens to be going on around here.

Shockingly, music will be my main beat, but I hope to get my two cents in on other avenues of expression from time to time as well. We’re still finding our footing and our rhythm, but expect at least a couple of entries a week from me, as well as an advance look at the music listings or each weekend called GET OUT! I hope everybody finds the site informative and entertaining – there’s a lot of talent both in the blog and all over my home county. Thanks.


Above is a map representing reported coyote sightings on my home turf–Pinellas County, Florida.

1. Holy crap!

2. Apparently coyotes don’t care much for Madeira Beach, which is weird, because it’s the one beach where they’re cool about you having alcohol.

3. Props to that one guy for making it all the way down to Fort DeSoto Park.

Having spent a lot of time in Texas, I’m quite pro-coyote. And since no one else in Florida knows a damn thing about them, no one can stop me from becoming The Coyote Whisperer. And they will DO MY BIDDING.

(ABC Action News story here.)