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Education & Myopia

Progs want higher quality education.

Vints want smaller government.

Yet neither seems equipped with the far-sightedness to understand that the former necessarily begets the latter.

Better education leads to better coping, decision-making and problem-solving skills, which in turn lessens the necessity for massive oversight. It’s a lot easier to assess and address issues when your learning process has been properly honed. (Also, you don’t need whole branches of government making sure you don’t eat lead paint or throw truckloads of batteries into an estuary when you’re not a hopeless dullard.)

It’s so obvious that the parties’ failure to even entertain the idea of partnering to make both their agendas a reality conjures an even more depressing possibility – that even the most open and altruistic mind, when introduced to the mechanics of politics, quickly becomes indoctrinated with the idea that the masses absolutely must stay ignorant for the individuals in control to retain their power.