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The American Family Association Sure Does Think About Homosexuality A Lot

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is a decade-old tradition for more than 2500 schools, in which students are encouraged to sit with peers outside their usual circle of friends. The purpose of the program is to get the students to see each other as equals–it’s a lot harder to bully someone, or just treat them shabbily, when you know their name and have shared a meal or two with them.

Mix It up at Lunch Day is also, according to the American Family Association, a sneaky platform for pushing the homosexual agenda in our nation’s schools.

Because fear.

Why must some people always make another group of people (Communists, Muslims, the LGBT community, furries, etc.) the victims of their fear? Why can’t they just be afraid of shark attacks or flying or roaches crawling on ’em while they’re asleep like everybody else?


California Columnist Decides Science Fiction is the Perfect Medium for Anti-Gay Allegory

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

I’ve really had enough of the homophobia today. First, we had Oreo’s colorful message of equality inspiring idiots to unknowingly swear off pretty much all processed food forever. (Which, fine, maybe they’ll starve.)

Now there’s this–batshit crazy La Jolla resident Patricia Weber giving us a CHILLING look into the future. A future in which a man returns from our moon base to discover the legalization of gay marriage has literally destroyed the fabric of society. GASP! It’s basically Bill Murray’s speech from Ghostbusters, only with more polygamy and, you know, moon bases.

Listen: You define the sanctity of your own marriage.

Listen: If you want to get technical about it, the sanctity of marriage was originally and irrevocably defiled in the sixteenth century, when King Henry VIII started a new branch of Christianity for the sole purpose of legitimizing his own divorce.

Listen: Your “defense of marriage” is nothing more than a rationalization of your own fear-based prejudices. You are afraid of gay people because they’re different than you, and your fear makes you hateful. End of story. To refuse any group the same rights you afford yourself is to automatically designate them as lesser. I’m sorry you don’t like to think of yourself as a bigot, but if you are against gay marriage, you’re a bigot. There it is.

Listen: The “slippery slope” doesn’t have to exist. We’re pretty clever apes; I’m almost positive we can figure out how to legalize gay marriage without insinuating that people can marry horses or goldfish or cacti. That’s just stupid.

St. Pete Pride is this weekend. It’s one of the biggest gay pride events in the nation, and I’m proud that my hometown hosts it. Enjoy!

Fundamentalist Text Cites Existence of Loch Ness Monster as Proof Evolution Doesn’t Happen

According to a recent io9 post, an educational text produced by a Christian curriculum planner cites the existence of the Loch Ness Monster as proof that A) Evolution doesn’t happen, and so therefore B) God is real, the Earth is only 4,000 years old, the Bible is a literal history of reality, etc.

I had no idea that the following things had happened:

  • The existence of Nessie had been absolutely confirmed
  • Nessie had been indisputably identified as a living plesiosaur
  • The existence of a single anomalous animal had been accepted as de facto proof that nowhere in nature did adaptation or evolution occur

Then again, I just read today that unicorns are mentioned nine times in the Old Testament, so what do I know? The publisher could’ve gone for at least a little credibility and used the coelacanth.

On the Subject of the Chaz Bono/Dancing with the Stars Controversy

Often, I think one of the biggest reasons why open-minded and progressive people don’t get more accomplished in the political and cultural environments is simply this: They can’t bring themselves to be as mean-spirited, selfish and judgmental as others.

I can. Fuck you, others. You’re pathetic, frightened morons so terrified of anything you don’t understand the only way you can acknowledge it is to assume that your god considers it an abomination. Um, that’s caveman shit. CAVEMAN SHIT. That’s how quasi-humans that lived among their own waste dealt with thunder.

Gay is the new thunder. I believe I have my album title. (Not that Chaz Bono is gay–“Gay is the new thunder” is just a neater phrase than “Transgendered is the new thunder,” you know?)

But yeah, those of you that believe someone like Chaz Bono is somehow fundamentally different from you, or some sort of aberration, haven’t come very far in the last 65,000 years. Get the fuck out of my way, idiots–I intend to evolve.