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Creative Loafing‘s Beer Issue 2017: My contributions

Back on February 23, CL published our annual Beer Issue, which always comes out a week or two before Tampa Bay Beer Week (even though it seems like these days, every week is Tampa Bay Beer Week). I usually take point on the special issue content, with a whole lot of help from staffers and contributors, and this year was no exception. Somehow, as a result of a visit to Ybor City’s excellent Coppertail Brewing to accompany our Artistic Director Julio Ramos on a photo shoot, I ended up on the cover this year, as well.

Here’s what I wrote in addition to the special section’s intro, which is linked above:

Heat and brewmidity (about upcoming seasonal trends for summer)

Road soda (about out-of-the-way area breweries/tasting rooms)

Life Update: Still in it


Still around, still cranking out issues for CL, still having a blast with the wife and trying my best to do right by the pooches and the tripod cat. Working on another secret project which may or may not ever see the light of day. In the meantime, I did some copywriting work for a friend regarding a business idea I think might have legs; we’ll just have to see how that one shakes out.

On Sunday, Rebecca and I did a ten-mile bike ride around St. Pete with about 100 other folks (imagine how the local motorists felt about that one) touring spots relevant to the late Beat author Jack Kerouac. I’ve never been a big fan of Kerouac’s, but I’ve always been a big fan of great weather, nice people, and “fitness exercises” that begin and end at a bar, so there you go. We had a great time. You can read a bit more here (yes, there’s a goddam typo in the original headline).

Tampa Bay Monkey APPREHENDED! Nature-Phobic Residents Breathe Sigh of Relief

After a couple of years of notoriety, sightings, joke social-media profiles and one “attack,” the infamous Tampa Bay Monkey is now in captivity. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officers tranquilized the TBM yesterday after a brief chase in “a wooded area in a south St. Petersburg neighborhood.”

The monkey will be tested for diseases, and monkey specialists will try to determine from whence it came.

The question of where the TBM will go from here is currently unanswered. If you would like to volunteer to adopt the monkey, please don’t, because thinking for a second it would be cool to have a monkey and actually being up to the task of wrangling, feeding, toilet training and otherwise caring for a wild monkey are two very, very different things.

(via Gawker)

Local Monkey Shocks Populace By Acting Like Wild Animal

Do you know about the Tampa Bay Monkey? There’s a Tampa Bay Monkey. The TBM has been a local celebrity here in St. Pete for a few years now, making public appearances in folks’ yards and such, earning its own Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc.–you know, the usual celebrity monkey stuff.

Apparently, the Tampa Bay Monkey finally went ape on a local resident. And some people seem inordinately surprised that a wild animal would do something so, well, wild. Because some people are, well, really dumb, I guess. Should really dumb people inhabit an area that’s home to not only a free-range monkey, but also alligators, venomous snakes and spiders, and possibly a skunk ape? I don’t know–how many really dumb people do you want there to be?

(Story from Tampa Bay 10 News, and includes the money quote “I don’t trust the monkey.”)