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On the Subject of Horror Movies

Rebecca and I were watching Insidious, mostly as homework before seeing Sinister (we haven’t yet).

At a particularly slow point during the movie–the point where (SPOILER ALERT) the psychic friend tells Patrick Wilson that he’s always had the ability to astrally project inside him, like a conveniently plotted metaphysical version of some character cut from The Wizard of Oz–I was reminded of the hypnosis scene from Stir of Echoesthe marvelous 1999 flick based on the book of the same name by Richard Matheson.

I asked Rebecca if she’d ever seen Stir of Echoes.

“Kevin Bacon and the chick from Criminal Intent? Hell yeah,” she replied. “That’s an awesome ghost movie.”

Then she nodded at the TV screen in our living room, and said:

“This is the opposite of that.”

My wife is the greatest.