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Stuff I wrote for Creative Loafing‘s Summer Guide 2015

Photo by Todd Bates. Cover design by Julio Ramos for @cl_tampabay.

Photo by Todd Bates. Cover design by Julio Ramos for @cl_tampabay.

It’s our second-biggest issue of the year (Best of the Bay is always the biggest), and it’s always a blast (an exhausting blast, but a blast nonetheless) to put together. This year, the theme is ReFRESH; I wrote about doing kiddie summer activities as an adult (ReGRESS), fishing with live bait for amateurs (ReBAIT), and cool/indie/documentary alternatives to the summer’s big-budget blockbuster movies (ReVIEW).

Enjoy, check out all the other content from a bevy of talented CL staffers and contributors, and have fun during these dog days.

Creative Loafing‘s Summer Guide came out

Creative Loafing Summer Guide

Every year, we do a big Summer Guide issue that, in addition to including loads of listings and pieces about stuff for people to do in, around and away from the Tampa Bay area, also offers the opportunity for some less serious and/or helpful stuff.

In the years between my full-time posts at CL, I’ve contributed to Summer Guides and Best of the Bays, but never as much as I wanted; this time around, I found the time to commit to quite a bit of coverage/screwing around.

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