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LAWBI #64: Seminole Heights Scavenger Hunt

Neighborhoods — real neighborhoods, as opposed to gated communities or arbitrarily designated areas like “New Forest Lawn Ridge Beautiful” — are defined by the experiences of their residents, and the non-residents that are drawn there. Collective experiences, sure, but also individual experiences; one of the things that makes a great neighborhood great is that people experience it differently, but those different experiences are overwhelmingly positive.

For instance, we can all agree that Seminole Heights is funky, or eclectic, or artsy, or in transition, or whatever. I only lived in the area briefly during the mid-’90s, but I’ve spent a fair amount of time there. And while my experiences there will be specifically different than those of someone who’s moved to the neighborhood since, let’s say, The Independent opened, they are also probably somewhat similar in a general sense.

Let’s find out, via a good old-fashioned springtime scavenger hunt. How many of the following dozen places and things that have defined my Seminole Heights experiences are familiar to you? Or, if they aren’t, how many degrees are they separated from your personal knowledge? I’d wager not many, and I’d be interested in knowing.

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(photo by Todd Bates)

Tampa Stereo Shop The First To Put An Ipad Mini In a Car’s Dashboard, Or At Least the First to Crow About It Online

The aces at Tampa’s Soundwaves created a dashboard frame sized to fit the new iPad Mini before the hot little gadget was released this morning, and so were the first folks to proudly shove the fruits of their labors on to the net.

Here’s the story, via Engadget. (Though, what’s above is basically it. iPad Mini in car. First. Maybe.)

Tampa Bay Monkey APPREHENDED! Nature-Phobic Residents Breathe Sigh of Relief

After a couple of years of notoriety, sightings, joke social-media profiles and one “attack,” the infamous Tampa Bay Monkey is now in captivity. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officers tranquilized the TBM yesterday after a brief chase in “a wooded area in a south St. Petersburg neighborhood.”

The monkey will be tested for diseases, and monkey specialists will try to determine from whence it came.

The question of where the TBM will go from here is currently unanswered. If you would like to volunteer to adopt the monkey, please don’t, because thinking for a second it would be cool to have a monkey and actually being up to the task of wrangling, feeding, toilet training and otherwise caring for a wild monkey are two very, very different things.

(via Gawker)