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LAWBI #68: Petty Hate Machine

Sometimes it seems like Twitter and Tumblr are the opposing poles of my Internet existence.

I follow a lot of writers, comedians and other cynically oriented types on Twitter, so my feed is often overflowing with mini-rants, angry questions directed at politicians/corporations, and bile. On the other hand, my Tumblr dashboard is mostly made up of my friends, and other people whose interesting, funny or otherwise positive posts were “reblogged” by one of my friends. My Tumblr dash is often overflowing with philosophy quotes, supportive messages, clever humor and animals being weird/awesome.

It’s not always like that, though. Sometimes an ugly thing that needs to be talked about bubbles up and over to spatter across my Tumblr dashboard.

Lately, that ugly thing has been misogyny.

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How to Get Unfollowed by LAWBI

  • retweet Justin Bieber
  • show your belly by replying to my incredibly rude tweet about your tweet with kindness/cuteness and a friendly emoticon
  • stock tips?! STOCK TIPS?!
  • disparage curvy ladies, who are all more awesome than you’ll ever be
  • only tweet from Foursquare (you’re on thin ice, Jenkins)
  • tweet to clarify the “context” of your previous tweet
  • retweet more than one (1) stock contest tweet in any seven-day period–maybe if you got to work you could afford to BUY a fucking iPad
  • publicly beg a celebrity for a non-charity-related retweet (and yes, in this case Neil Gaiman counts as a celebrity)
  • earnestly praise something that is obviously, unarguably terrible, like racism or Metallica
  • three words: Tony Robbins quotes #killyourselfslowly

lawbi #20: Tossing Out the (Face)book

The new column is here. It made the cover of CL this week, which in itself says something funny and sad about the state of print media – a surly 600 words that basically form a joke about a few tech tastemakers advocating the abandonment of certain social media makes the cover of an award-winning alternative weekly. I would’ve rather seen a local band that doesn’t suck on the cover, but it’s all good, and the Best of the Bay issue is coming up, so right on. I’m not bagging on CL at all here, I’m just saying that, right here and now, writing something button-pushy about Twitter is guaranteed to turn heads; I just hope the people who pick up the issue read all the other good copy and local-centric stuff in there.

Also, I was on a local news/chat morning-show type dealie called Studio 10 yesterday because of the column, which was also hilarious because I’m not an expert on anything that doesn’t involve tequila, horror movies or making my wife angry. If LAWBI is about anything, it’s about making fun of our culture, and something LAWBI would definitely make fun of is the idea of inviting a hung-over columnist whose biggest influence is The Onion onto a local morning show as a social-media expert because he reads stuff on the web besides shitmydadsays. But I got to misquote Sideshow Bob, so that was all right.