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Why, Hello There

Yeah, so, while I’m completely buried under work, most of it not the kind I want to be doing, but rather the kind I must do in order to have a place in which to do the kind I want to do when I’m done doing the kind I would rather not be doing:

Hi. I’m Scott Harrell.

I write a pretty-much-every-other-week column for the Tampa Bay edition of alt-weekly Creative Loafing called Life As We Blow It. I also write occasional music and other pop-cultural criticism for the venerable CL.

I cover some local music goings-on for attention-worthy Pinellas County A&E site/blog ARTICULATE. ARTICULATE is a fairly new thing, and art fans from Tampa Bay and beyond should check it out.

I self-published several short works of horror fiction, and a longer novella titled Ghostwriter, under the pseudonym Ravis Harnell. They’re all available here at excellent indie e-book publisher/community Smashwords. Many of them are free.

There are several other fiction-y things currently in the works. I haven’t abandoned my previously mentioned Florida crime novel; it just sort of fell into a queue that grew to include several other projects.

Twitter: @harrellscottĀ 

Tumblr: The Lamprey

Facebook: NEIN


More worthwhile bloggage soon, I promise.