Checking in


Yeah, so apparently I’m not so good at keeping the blog updated since I’ve been back at CL full-time. Sorry about that. What have you been up to? Uh-huh; uh-huh. OK, enough of that, it’s my blog and I wanna talk about me.

I’ve doing an irreverent news roundup for the CL blog every weekday called Sh*t Happened.

We got a new dog, Oakley, who’s either a miniature poodle, a mini labradoodle, or the love child of Fozzie Bear and Rowlf. That’s him up there, ain’t he cute?

I’ve been adding brewers to CL’s Meet The Brewers feature series pretty regularly, which is great for me, because hey, new beer and nice people.

And what else? Oh, my parents came to visit, just in time for crazy heat/humidity, CL’s Spring Hops craft-beer event, and a wild spring storm that just about blew Pop and me off the jetty down at Pass-A-Grille. Here’s a photo of me and Mom at Spring Hops:

spring hops


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