Checking In

Yeah, I know. Been a while. Between the new gig, helping out around Creative Loafing¬†for the Music Issue, Milo the White Trash Terrordog screwing up his back something royal (more to come on that) and some other stuff, my life has been a little too full lately. A lot too full, actually; in fact, I’m starting to feel like it might be okay to start letting some of the stuff that I’ve carried around too long go for good. And it’s hard, but it’s also nice to be able to look forward to a time when I”m maybe traveling a little bit lighter, so to speak.

OK, sorry, enough of the cryptic self-absorbed bullshit.

Meanwhile, I’m writing. Writing a lot.

Writing columns.

Writing music coverage.

Writing copy and campaign materials.

Writing some fiction, too. The Florida crime project has sort of taken a bit of a back seat 20,000 words in, because a very Ravis idea floated back up to the surface, like a suitcase full of corpse-parts and fun, and I really like it. So we’ll see where that leads, and not feel too guilty about the whole ADD’ed-out put-this-thing-down-because-something-shiny-happened-over-here-and-maybe-it’s-just-fear-of-seeing-something-through-to-the-end thing.

More soon. Cheers.

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