Query: Winning Lottery Tix as Tips?

I’ve been doing pretty well with scratch-off tickets recently. Like, semi-homeless-alcoholic well; well enough that I’m starting to get snobby when I only win a ticket or one or two bucks.

So my question is, is it okay to give these low-payoff tickets as tips to, say, the pizza delivery person? I mean, they’re worth money, or at least another chance to win money–it says it right there.

I’m serious. If you were/are a bartender or somebody who brings food to those less motivated, and you received a pre-scratched scratch-off good for another ticket or small dollar amount (let’s say for the sake of argument that it was enough to be a decent tip, or at least accompanied by enough cash to make it part of a decent tip), would you:

A. Think it was charming or at least kind of funny/weird enough to make it worthwhile;

B. Be like, “okay, well, it’s money, I can see it right there, whatever;”


C: Fly into a rage at the idea of having to wait until the next time you wanted a quart of Natty Light, a SpicyMeetStix and a copy of Asian Girls Submitting to Light Corporal Punishment to get your tip?

Seriously, what’s the etiquette here? Because I’m not going back to the bodega for anything less than a tenner.

2 thoughts on “Query: Winning Lottery Tix as Tips?

  1. Ray Roa

    I’m a bartender at the Gallery Bistro at International Mall. I would say that it would be acceptable to use the tix as EXTRA tip on top of the 20 percent you would normally give on good service. It is a bit charming, but an overall cheapskate move LOL.

  2. anya

    i’m thinking rage would be the appropriate reaction here!! lol…no- but the very fact that scratch offs are “worth money” is predicated on having the right combination. if they don’t, then the ticket is NOT worth money. it’s like if i owed you money and handed you some strange stock you never heard of…it COULD be worth some money, but on the other hand it could tank. would you be happy with that? if you provided me with a service, would you be happy with the “chance” to win money, or actual money? i’m thinking only actual cash would shut my piehole. **i can’t buy diamond earrings with scratch cards, so no thanks!**

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