Why, Hello There

Yeah, so, while I’m completely buried under work, most of it not the kind I want to be doing, but rather the kind I must do in order to have a place in which to do the kind I want to do when I’m done doing the kind I would rather not be doing:

Hi. I’m Scott Harrell.

I write a pretty-much-every-other-week column for the Tampa Bay edition of alt-weekly Creative Loafing called Life As We Blow It. I also write occasional music and other pop-cultural criticism for the venerable CL.

I cover some local music goings-on for attention-worthy Pinellas County A&E site/blog ARTICULATE. ARTICULATE is a fairly new thing, and art fans from Tampa Bay and beyond should check it out.

I self-published several short works of horror fiction, and a longer novella titled Ghostwriter, under the pseudonym Ravis Harnell. They’re all available here at excellent indie e-book publisher/community Smashwords. Many of them are free.

There are several other fiction-y things currently in the works. I haven’t abandoned my previously mentioned Florida crime novel; it just sort of fell into a queue that grew to include several other projects.

Twitter: @harrellscottĀ 

Tumblr: The Lamprey

Facebook: NEIN


More worthwhile bloggage soon, I promise.

One thought on “Why, Hello There

  1. silvio santisi

    Hey Scott,Really liked your article on Columbus Day in CL.Do you think we can ever get our shit together in this country,lot of really sad stuff going on.When you look at how some european countries deal with things(mainly northern countries such as the Netherlands)It makes you wonder what aliens founded America!Really like your slant on things!Keep up the good work.It’s refreshing reading .Thanks Silvio

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