LAWBI #53: Tricks, Not Treats

Halloween is kind of a downer when the economy sucks.

It’s supposed to be a time of joyful excess for the overly imaginative and emotionally stunted. We drink too much. We go to parties dressed as demons and personified puns and sexy everythings. We turn our homes and yards into what we think is a scene out of a Tim Burton movie, but actually resembles an explosion in a factory that used to make plastic spiders and low-quality pillow batting.

We spend a ton of money, and don’t think about it until it’s time to start ordering Christmas presents online.

This year, a party was out of the financial — not to mention temporal — question for my wife and me. We haven’t decorated, inside or out. I was even worried about having to shell out for candy for the neighborhood kids, because we always buy way too much accidentally on purpose because I have a pretty serious candy problem. In any case, I’m not going to leave the kids with nothing at all, but I thought it would nice to be able to cut the Halloween budget back even further if possible.

Then I remembered there’s a trick in that old Halloween tradition, as well as a treat.

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One thought on “LAWBI #53: Tricks, Not Treats

  1. el Garee~

    You should go out as a ‘reporter’ with anyone who does EMT or fire rescue. Or dog and cats. Burn and drown bloaters are really cool too for you. Perhaps you will discern the difference between your cynical and distanced crap culture and real life. Smell and feel the gravitas of war, accidents, commercial slaughterhouse production procedures, death and dismemberment and then embrace your weakened distance that the internet provides you from reality.

    You are way out of ideas. I smell the stench. Do you?

    Give us a break. Your item in CL was insipid, just like the old band reviews. Real hip like. Maybe time to move on?

    el Garee~
    new orleans

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