LAWBI #57: Why Books Matter

A few years ago, a friend of mine who toils amid the crumbling machinery of our nation’s educational system asked me to contribute to a project she was doing on the subject of books. I don’t remember exactly what was the purpose, but the general context was something along the lines of “why books matter.”

Which made me have to think about why books matter.

I mean, I knew why books matter to me. They matter to me for the same reasons, I suspect, they matter to a lot of people. They entertain me. They educate me. Nonfiction books tell me things about the world I live in, while — to butcher a quote by whomever, I can’t remember — fiction books show me true things about the world by telling me lies about worlds that never existed.

So, sure. Yeah. Of course.

But why do books Capital-M Matter?

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