lawbi #8: My Dog Is Awesome, So Leave Me Alone

The anti-pit bull forces are once again waging a fear campaign in the Florida legislature.

In 1990 Florida instituted a ban on breed-specific canine regulations. But for the third time in as many sessions, a bill proposing a repeal of the ban is working its way through the Senate. This time, it’s already been passed by the state’s Community Affairs Committee by a decisive 9-2 vote. While it reportedly stops short of naming pit bulls explicitly and prohibits outright bans, the proposed legislation could lead to stricter laws regarding “dangerous breeds,” as well as increased expenses for dog owners.

So far, the legislation hasn’t made too big a splash in the media because, you know, there’s been so much else to be afraid of, what with the ground opening up and swallowing whole communities everywhere. But if nature settles down before we get to shark-attack season , the fear factory will need something to fill the gap, and I’m guessing we’ll be subjected to another round of pit bull-related stories that pant like ’50s true-crime mags:

HER GOOD BOY WENT BAD WHEN HE SMELLED THE FEAR … Canine Killer Wagged His Tail As He Tore Out Her Throat!
Read the rest (and the comments-section flame war) at CL …

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