On The Subject of Fangoria‘s FrightFest

I recently got to review the eight films comprising Fangoria Magazine‘s fan-participatory online FrightFest promotion, and most of ’em were a hell of a lot better than anybody who’s waded through hundreds of straight-to-DVD horror titles might expect.

Here’s the piece at Creative Loafing.

3 thoughts on “On The Subject of Fangoria‘s FrightFest

  1. DrKizEval

    I agree with your statement on these 8 underrated films. How did Fangoria get these some of these stars in the films? I mean, Calista Flockhart, Michael Madsen, Xavier Samuel, Eric Roberts, etc. By the way, everyone needs to vote for Grimm Love. The best horror flick since Silence of The Lambs.


  2. GoreGirl99

    I just saw the trailers and I am looking forward to Hunger and Road Kill! I’m gonna put all of my faves on my netflix queue!

  3. ScubaDubba

    It’s coming folks! The Frightfest films are coming to Blockbuster! Yesssss! 2 days and I’m grabbing a copy of FRAGILE. Or FRA-GIL-AY…if you like to pronounce the word wrong.

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