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Won’t be too long before everything is straightened out here, but since it’s up, thought I’d post a couple of well-considered comments regarding the latest CL column that showed up on Ravis Harnell‘s Facebook page:

“Ya know, I agree with most of this, except there is another side to it, which is that consumers have (whether they realize it or not) created this situation by refusing to pay anything but the most rock-bottom possible price for something that used to be the purvey of only the richest educational institutions (computers). Something had to give, and it happens to be service, because the margins are razor-thin on most of the low end machines, which ‘schmell’ is (or was) the king of. If people were willing to pay a little extra for a better product or service, they’d probably get it, and to a degree, people who buy a certain companys products (lets call them schmapple), already do get it. As it turns out, the prize for the race to the bottom on price is the service scenario you’re writing about here.”

I couldn’t agree more. One of the reasons I wouldn’t ever put all of the blame on inept or disinterested customer-service workers. We’re a nation conditioned to want something for nothing.

“People just do not take pride in their work any longer no matter what it is. There used to be a time when you got a job you felt so lucky that you actually felt proud to do the best work possible. Now, because many places might treat their employees like crap, the 3mployee may feel a need to project … and sadly they project on the person who really pays their bills … the consumer.

Just another take on it of course, but yeah we are DEF in a bad customer service/no pride/I don’t give a fuck/ignorant vicious cycle. Grrrr … I am an exception to the rule though because I LOVE my product and I love my patron and I will do back bends to make people happy and that is no easy feat at my age 😉


Anyway, great piece Scott!”

Thanks, RAL

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